TDG Weekly H2H @TheDailyGallop Tournament Picks and Middle Pick 5 Analysis by Josh Rodriguez @CherryDrank

R1: 10/8/11

R2: 1/4

R3: 1/6

R4: 1/3/6

R5: 2/7

R6: 2/5

Pick 5 starting here: 2/4,6,8/1/2,3,5-7/2,8 $15 at a $.50 base bet

I think both the #2 Sweet Melania and the #5 Selflessly have a good shot here but I’ll give the nod to the #2 Sweet Melania on the pace advantage and want to start off skinny in the P5.

R7: 4/6/8

There are a lot of heavily raced horses here so I’m taking a shot with three lightly raced horses here the #4 Strongerthanuknow, #6 Noble Jewel, and #8 My Sassy Sarah. I like the #4 Strongerthanuknow the most here with the early pace advantage, but will use all three in my P5 ticket.

R8: 1/2/4

I felt like I needed to take a stand here. I need to use #1 Gamine here and I feel like if I’m using her, I need to single. I think both the #2 Lucrezia and #4 Casual are totally usable here with a slight nod to the #2 Lucrezia, but if I’m taking a short price I think I need to single in the P5.

R9: 6/3/5

This is my spread leg in the P5 and I’m sure a lot of people are spreading here. I thought about sticking to my guns and going with just the #6 Hidden Scroll in the P5, but I’m going to take all the logicals minus #4 Pure Sensation. If #6 Hidden Scroll breaks well, and that’s a big if, I think he has a good shot at wiring this field. I will have #2 Oleksandra, #3 Texas Wedge, #5 Stubbins, #7 White Flag as insurance.

R10: 2/3/8

In the P5, I’m using my top pick #2 Sole Volante and the favorite #8 Tiz The Law. I think there is a fair amount of speed in here and #8 Tiz The Law will not have as nice of a pace set up as he has had in the past and I think this set’s up nicely for #2 Sole Volante who won nicely last week against two nice horses in Shivaree and Ete Indien. If #2 Sole Volante scratches late, I’d still want an off the pace horse and #3 Max Player fits the bill as a backup.

R11: 3/2/6

R12: 10/9/1

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