Monday Morning Thoughts: I Love Vegas, Vegas Hates Horse Racing

I love Vegas. My old coworkers used to call me Mr. Vegas since I came a few times a year and loved it so much. Every time I come, however, I’m shocked at how much Vegas hates horse racing. The greatest sports book in the world, Circa, doesn’t take horse racing bets outside of a few special events. Right now, I’m currently sitting in the Mandalay Bay sports book and I can’t get Saratoga on my private TV and it’s nowhere to be found on the big assortment of TVs. Funny enough, there’s actually a small group of horse players here all huddled around a small TV that has Saratoga. Only some of the walk up self-serve kiosks have horses on it, and they’re not the ones that are near the “Reserved for Race Players” seating. Who knows if I’ll be able to bet Kentucky Downs later. As I typed this, someone was able to change a few TVs to horses so I’m a little less frustrated, but how long until horse racing goes the way of keno in Vegas?


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