Bankroll Building and Bourbon: Week 2

We are through 2 weeks of our bankroll challenge and most of us had a pretty rough week. Caleb has taken the lead. Here is the bet history from the night along with some comments from the bettors themselves.

Josh: BUST!, -$32.40 on the day

I went into the day with the smallest bankroll and maybe got a little too into the “contest” feel of this, but wanted to make a play to try and get some more cash to play a little bigger. I was unprepared and was completely wrong on the way the track was playing and paid the price. I zeroed out and my best opinion (The 6 in race 7) was too short to win bet in my opinion. I tried to key the horse in exactas and trifectas and whiffed on all of them. I will pay my penance of $5 and re-up for $50 more next week and try and make it back into contention.

Mark: $91, -$86 on the day

After more than tripling my initial investment in the first week, my plan of attack for tonight was much the same; make less overall plays with large relative wager size on sequences I have a strong opinion on.

Issues started once I capped the sequences and had no strong opinions, but as this is a live stream, people aren’t tuning in to watch me hate on a card. So instead, I forced action in my normal play style that saw me burn through half of my bankroll and end the night with $91 remaining.

I played a spread DD, trying to catch a price in the 5th race into logical’s in the 6th. I also played a 6-8 ABC P3 utilizing logical’s with a good bit of leverage. My main issues were that till last night, the 1 hole was a toss horse and both plays were beaten by a horse from that post.

Take away’s for me here are two fold. First off, don’t force action bets for the sake of entertainment. This is something we constantly tell newer players and even us old goats require an occasional reminder. The second point is that bias is fleeting and just because its worked for the last two weeks doesn’t mean its going to work tonight.

Chase: $35.90, -$13.70 on the day

Sometimes life intervenes. Sometimes you have to be social and not drink bourbon and bet on horses with friends for voyeurs on youtube.

Last night, was one of those nights.

Since I couldn’t play live and had a fear of tapping out on bets I couldn’t edit I elected to play it somewhat safe and bet my strongest opinions and hope the odds held.

They didn’t.

I was able to cash on my strongest opinions with a $5 WP on Keyed on Top in the 5th, but the price evaporated. Playing live that would have been a win bet or I would have elected to make a similar exacta play as Caleb using 12/4. Joker on Jack in the 7th wasn’t going to go off at 6-1, but I hoped those odds wouldn’t dip as low as they did. So while I hit my $2 WPS, I would have probably adjusted my wager and avoided the place and show pools.

I took a good low investment stab on the pick 3 for races 6-8, but I got blanked in the last leg due to a mind melting appearance of a hot rail at Turfway Park.

I finished -$14 and it left a very “meh” aftertaste for the dinner I was attending.

Caleb: $153.40, +$56.40 on the day

After doubling my initial $50 in the first week, my goal for today was to try to turn that $100 into $200. I didnt have very strong opinions in 3 of the 5 races we covered, so I mostly passed on horiztonals and made my target an exacta in race 4 which hit and paid $82 for my $4 bet. I did end up firing a late double which missed as it appears the track was playing more to inside speed than it usually does. It’ll be worth watching to see if that trend continues or if it was an anomaly. All said and done, I didn’t quite double my $100 but I did end up with a $55 profit on the evening, bringing me to $153 total bankroll.

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