Monday Morning Thoughts: Let’s Run it Back!

Last weekend, I got a chance to check out racing at Kentucky Downs with a group of friends and was able to turn a nice profit on the late pick 3. Of course, the plan was to hit the pick 5 which paid $20,000 but Vinny C and Bran had other ideas and boomed me in leg 2. Being the “good” horseplayer I am, I ran back the pick 3 and hit for just north of $1400 on a $2 base pick 3.

This got me to thinking, is there any less profitable bet than the run back? You’ve just spent the last hour (or 5 minutes) capping the early pick 5 and get boomed in leg 1. Naturally, you’ve capped the sequence so you run back the pick 4. Then after losing there you contemplate the pick 3. It’s a vicious cycle. Sure, it worked out for me last weekend, but overall this has to be a losing play for me and most other horseplayers.

What about you? Are you a horseplayer that always runs is back? If so, do you think it’s a profitable play?