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  • Monday Morning Thoughts: Let’s Run it Back!
    Last weekend, I got a chance to check out racing at Kentucky Downs with a group of friends and was able to turn a nice profit on the late pick 3. Of course, the plan was to hit the pick 5 which paid $20,000 but Vinny C and Bran had other ideas and boomed me […]
  • Monday Morning Thoughts: I Love Vegas, Vegas Hates Horse Racing
    I love Vegas. My old coworkers used to call me Mr. Vegas since I came a few times a year and loved it so much. Every time I come, however, I’m shocked at how much Vegas hates horse racing. The greatest sports book in the world, Circa, doesn’t take horse racing bets outside of a […]
  • Monday Morning Thoughts: All dressed up with nowhere to go
    My plans last week for my yearly Saratoga trip were derailed by my first bout with COVID. While I’m feeling much better now, the first few days of COVID were the sickest I’ve ever felt. Much to my wife’s chagrin, I was also pretty devestated about missing my trip and I was not a great […]
  • Monday Morning Thoughts: Bags are Packed
    I just read about the travel nightmare my good friend Andrew Champagne went through on his way to Saratoga yesterday and it got me to thinking about how this became a yearly trip for me. July 2019 was the first time I ever took a vacation solely to go to the track. Before then, I […]

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