Recharge your Mindset with a Break by Bryan Doranski @BDHorseplayer

Well, here we are, June 1st and the week of the Belmont Stakes, in what should be a great offering of horse racing and wagering for most people. But what if, like me, you’re experiencing a bit of ‘racing fatigue’?

Maybe you’ve seen me on the past few live streams talking about not liking certain cards and having no excitement for some of the big races we’ve covered. Some of these cards and carryovers have offered nice wagering opportunities, but for me, I have been feeling a little flat with my horseplaying. Everyone has a story of how they get through their own personal downswings of motivation. Let’s be honest, grinding on horses every week, takes a toll mentally and physically at times.

So, how do I get through my lulls? First and foremost, I protect my bankroll and limit my “action” plays, as this is something that will be detrimental to long term success. Many people will press when they are going through a downswing, hoping that a big win will turn them around, and while I have been tempted, I take the safe approach and my handle is $0. It’s a detriment to your bankroll to put money through the windows when you aren’t thinking clearly.

I still watch some races, but instead of watching 6-8 hours of racing and replays, I usually will catch a few stakes races or something that should excite me. If the allure of a big race does not get me back into the racing mindset, I know it is too soon. I focus on other hobbies, maybe I am golfing more, or spending much needed time with the family, or just living a “normal” non-ADW life. This past Memorial Day weekend, I trimmed bushes on Saturday morning, and on Sunday morning I chopped down a bush that has been bugging me for weeks- with no past performances cramping my mind- I was fresh and able todo the small things that I would otherwise put off for a pick 5 carryover.

This will go on for a few weeks and then what do you know, but an Overnight Stakes at a middle-tier track suddenly will perk me right up, and away I go back to the PPs and back to the window! It should be noted though, in your absence, things change, ranging from biases being different to hot trainers now being ice cold, and you must approach the game, as though you have been away. Focus on 1 circuit or track, get your feet back under you, and then be ready to fire on all cylinders when you feel it is time to. In 2013, I went almost a full calendar year of not playing the races! It sounds crazy right now, but for me, and where I was, I needed that break.

Do not feel you have to bet every race, or every weekend. If your mind is not sharp on the track, your money will be dead at the window. Do not be afraid to say that a race is a bad wagering opportunity, or a card does not pique your interest and wait for a better spot. Your long-term success will appreciate your ability to recognize your own mental fog.

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